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The Witching Brooch

The Witching Brooch

A brooch with highly detailed designs, inspired from traditional wirework pieces worn as part of traditional Trachten from the Black Forest region of Germany.

Rebekah Kosonen Bide designed for Ru-Yenn Kwok 2021 Central St Martins MA at London Fashion Week Brooch.

Excerpt from article on Ru-Yenn Kwok's collection, written by 1 Granary:

Witches and work: this is what Melbourne-born Ru-yenn Kwok’s collection is about. The designer started the project by making a uniform for the modern working woman until she realised the problematic nature of equating the image of professionalism with the notion of labour. Looking at how working women were persecuted as Witches by the 16th-century primitive accumulation process, Kwok started thinking about female autonomy in relation to capitalist structures at large. “For me, the Witch symbolises a myriad of female-centric labourers; she is a healer, a whore, a midwife, a nurse, a seer…” Kwok explains.




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